The staff there is absolutely amazing and this is so crucial to us parents as our child is with them for most of the day. My son comes home and talks about all his teachers and how lovely they are to him and every night he goes to sleep happily knowing he has nursery the next day. The way the teachers understand him explain guide and teach him makes me so overwhelming happy. One very very happy mummy and so lucky that my son has incredible teachers that are working alongside me to give my son a strong foundation in learning life basics and getting him ready for school next year.

This absolutely fantastic preschool in Farnham Royal really focuses on ensuring the children are always happy enjoying themselves and learning through play. My child has been thriving since joining this nursery in September. The team here are brilliant and take a very caring and attentive approach with each child.

You will see for yourself what an amazing preschool Wise Owls is once your child starts to go there. All us parents talk and tell each other how happy we are with every aspect. We sometimes as parents get sucked into fancy looking nurseries thinking that the more faculties we can see on display reflects the standard of the nursery. Wise Owls may appear to some as a small classroom setting but there are a wide variety of activities that the children do daily that we parents can actually visually see at the end of the day and know exactly what our child has done and learnt. The structure allows a lovely balance for children to learn and have fun and play.

Good communication and variety of activities, my son learns a lot and staff helped him settle well (he was reluctant for a while). The staff have good experience with the EYFS stage, knowledge of development milestones etc. My only wish would be longer opening hours to accommodate 9-5 working hours.

My older son was going to the same nursery. I really appreciate the work made by the current manager. She has a lot of initiative and creativity. My decision to take my little girl was based also on the presence of the current staff.

Our daughter really looks forward to going to Wise Owls every day and is very happy there. The staff are great - enthusiastic, really helpful and very caring. We have been really happy with the feedback we get about our daughter's progress through the online journal and found that very useful. We have already recommended Wise Owls to other people as we have been so happy sending our daughter there.

My son absolutely loves the nursery, and he will miss it very much. The staff are very caring and make every day an adventure. They put their heart into the work, and they kinds know it. Would recommend highly.

My son loves it here! He wakes up every day and can’t wait to get to “school”! The staff are great and keep you updated over the website. We always felt he was in safe hands when we left him. They also dealt extremely well with the complication of a pandemic halfway through the year and adapted well to re-open. We highly recommend you send your children here.

Wise Owls has had a massive impact on my daughter's learning. She's very strong minded and they have taught her amazing skills on how to control this around her peers. My daughter absolutely loves it and the staff are truly amazing. I highly recommend Wise Owls. Thank you for everything.

My child absolutely loves going to nursery. Every time we drive past she is very disappointed if we don’t go in (due to not being her time/day) she loves showing me what she has made and tells me all about her teachers and friends. She settled in really well and staff have been very informative and helpful. Her online journal is regularly updated so that I can see everything she has been getting up to and she loves to look back on it as well. It is a great nursery, it provides lots of activities for play and learning, including trips. My child especially enjoys storytime, either being read to or reading to her friends, she even imitates the voices and facial expressions she has learnt from staff to go along with the stories when she ‘reads’ it herself and she is extremely engaged which is quite unusual for her as she gets bored very quickly. I am very pleased I chose this nursery and would definitely recommend.