Covid 19 - Club FAQ's

We will continue to read and follow the guidance and see what care we are able to do and how we can best accommodate you.

How are we managing Covid-19?

We have risk assessments in place following current government guidance.

Our staff have COVID-19 training and will follow our policies and risk assessment which provide a structured cleaning process throughout the day to maintain the safety of all children, staff and parent/carers.

I am still on Furlough, my hours have been reduced or I have been made redundant, How does this affect my place?

Your child can still continue with their care, or you can withdraw as you feel appropriate, please see our normal terms and conditions and follow our policy.

What terms and conditions apply?

Exactly the same terms and conditions that applied before the Covid-19 pandemic still apply, so please refer to them. They are available on the website.

You can withdraw giving six week’s notice and rebook for a date of your choice to suit you and your family’s situation. This is subject to availability, please email

If my child has a temperature, should I keep them at home?

Absolutely, we are currently taking temperatures on arrival. Pease follow government guidance at all times.

If the Club is closed again, do I have to pay?

We will get a plan in place as before dependent on government guidance and assess everything to support staff and parents/carers as best we can. However, it would be our aim, as previously done, not to charge anything.

If my child is off in isolation, do I need to pay?

Please follow our normal sickness policy.

Could my child have COVID-19?

There are 3 main symptoms please view NHS government guidance and advice. Please ensure you follow government guidance to protect the nursery community. Call 111, or for advice, click here

In the event we have staff shortages, and the nursery could not operate, would we be charged?

I do not see this scenario occurring as we have a fantastic, dedicated team, however if we were unable to accommodate your child we would refund that day.

Will I be informed if there is a confirmed case in the nursery?

If we have a confirmed case of Covid-19 we will inform parents, However, we have no plan to close the setting unless Public Health recommends this. The children and staff within the bubble of the child with Covid-19, 48 hours prior to symptoms will need to isolate for 10 days. The bubble will have a Covid clean. We are doing a lot more cleaning every day to help reduce infection in line with guidelines but we cannot guarantee that the virus is not present in our nursery. Please do view our risk assessment sent out in May. Any updated risk assessments will also be shared with parents as well as our staffing team. Any child feeling unwell will be placed comfortably in the isolation area with a staff member in PPE as per our risk assessment.

If there is a confirmed case of Covid-19 in the nursery, and you choose not to send your child will you be charged?

Yes, fees are payable unless the nursery is closed by us or public health.

Is it safe to bring my child to nursery if there is a confirmed case?

There is an increased risk of infection from a confirmed case, but there is also a risk from children or staff without symptoms. However, we will track exactly which children and staff any confirmed case has been in contact with and communicate this to all concerned so they can take a test themselves, and their children, to see if they have the virus – in which case they would need to isolate as per the government guidance.

We will follow the guidance given by public Heath England as per any other notifiable virus. Staff will spend more time on cleaning and hygiene, and less on administration and record keeping.

Children seem to be getting the virus very mildly but there are no guarantees of this and it is a worrying time for us all. Children with diminished immunity will be notified by their GP and should be kept at home. Every effort will be made to be calm and positive at nursery, and to keep things as normal as possible, so that the children can be as relaxed and happy as possible.

How can parents help?

Follow our policy, be patient at drop off and collection to support the nursery. Do not bring bags in and out - they should remain at nursery. If a child has an accident dirty clothes will be sent home in a plastic bag and we will ask for new items to come in. Comforters should be brought in and remain at nursery unless impossible if so then they will need fabric cleaner to re-enter.

Holiday Club

At out Holiday Clubs, the children will be divided into bubbles. No outings will be organised at present