Snowy Owls

Welcome to Snowy Owls

Our Snowy Owls room can accommodate 24 children between the ages of 3 and 5 years old and our staff:child ratio is 1 to 8 in this room as children are becoming more independent. Children at this age follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Principles and participate in activities that will gently prepare them for the transition to school. Our team maintains a flexible routine to allow them to meet each child’s individual needs during this important stage of development.

Our Snowy Owls have all they could desire with access to a large garden with a sand pit, footballs, bikes and scooters, a mud kitchen, a cosy home corner, a construction area, chalk boards, a wooden obstacle course, a bug area and large play equipment. We aim to provide many different opportunities for the children to develop and experience the outdoors. Healthy, physically active children are more likely to be academically motivated, and physical competence builds self-esteem at every age. We have regular gym time sessions where the children learn listening skills and team work as they join in with group games.

Developing Independence

At this age we focus on building the childrens' independence. The children have formed a council which gives them a voice on what resources they would like to see in the room and what activities they would like to do.

Developing independence is a vital factor in a child's development, and supports preschool children in becoming school ready. The Early Years Foundation Stage supports independence stating that every child should learn resilience, confidence and self-assurance. Childrens' confidence grows as they learn how to become independent. As they begin to master new skills, they see themselves as being capable.

Meal Times

Meal times provide another opportunity for social interaction and independence. We encourage all Snowy Owl children to self-serve their own meals under close adult supervision. We aim to give the children as much choice as possible at snack time. Our caring team is always close by to lend a hand and encourage good manners.

School Ready

Every day the children practice phonics (phase 1 & 2) using fun and interactive games and activities. We want to instil in our Snowy Owls a lifelong love of reading so children have access to a library where they are encouraged to choose a book once a week to take home and share with parents.

Child Progress

Each child will be allocated a keyworker who they will build a close rapport with. The keyworker will provide daily written feedback on the child’s progress each day. Staff will provide verbal feedback to parents at the end of the day and will discuss your child’s progress each day. We foster an open and cooperative relationship with all parents to ensure we can nurture the needs of each and every Snowy Owl.

What is Provided?

Included within your daily childcare fee is breakfast, snacks, lunch and tea. We ask parents to provide a change of clothes (weather appropriate), and if required please provide nappies and wipes.

Child development

Staff will provide verbal feedback to parents at the end of the day and will discuss your child’s progress each day. We foster an open and cooperative relationship with all parents to ensure we can nurture the needs to each and every Snowy Owl.


We accept 15 hour funding if your child attends 5 half days or 2 full days per week. We will allocate all 15 hours towards this cost and you would be required to pay the extra hours, and for food and consumables. We also accept 30 hour funding if your child attends 3 to 5 full days per week. For your ease we issue a new monthly payment that takes into account all of these factors so you will be fully aware of the monthly costs. If you would like funded only sessions we can only provide these if we have availability. In this situation, you may need to cover consumable costs. For this option please contact the office and speak to a member of staff. You will be required to fill in a funded only form and may need to join a waiting list.

Nice staff, happy to accommodate different needs, always keep you updated on things (both the carers and the women in the office dealing with admin). Our son feels comfortable there and I love the fact that it is near a farm, rather than a busy town centre or a busy road. The children have access to a nice outdoor space and can see some horses.

My son has been going to Farm View for 4 months and absolutely loves it! All the staff are so friendly! We were shown around by a team member who was so helpful explaining the daily running of the nursery and how they monitor and help a child develop. She was very warm and reassuring. All the staff that look after my son have helped him develop with language, counting and social skills. I have seen a huge leap in his confidence since he started at Farm View nursery. We are so glad we chose Farm View!

Great nursery with natural surroundings. Staff are helpful, friendly and helped my child when she struggled with confidence. All areas of learning are met throughout. Would happily recommend to friends and family.

Our daughter has been going to Farm View since she was 10-months-old, and really enjoys it. She has learnt to develop her social and motor skills. The staff are great and do a fab job in helping the children learn. They introduce lots of fun and different activities. Would recommend Farm View to any parent.

Fabulous countryside Nursery with a wonderful friendly family vibe! Our little girl started at Farm View in July 2020 (and obviously not under normal circumstances due to Covid) however for the past 7 months she has been loving going to Nursery. Everyone was so supportive of her settling in process whilst all done in a covid-secure way. We have been so thankful for the measures that Farm View has put in place to keep the Nursery open as it is such a wonderful part of 'normal' for our little one. The daily activities in the Owlet room (and across the whole nursery) are so different that her experience and development is encouraged in so many different and engaging ways - not to mention her social development - she is becoming quite the social butterfly always mentioning the names of friends from her bubble! We are a very outdoor orientated family so I am always delighted that the children are encouraged to go outside whatever the weather! We love this Nursery and highly recommend!