Professional Child Care In the Berkshire Area

Wise Owls provides nursery, pre school, breakfast, after-school and holiday care for children aged 8 weeks to 13 years

After School, Holiday

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and Breakfast Clubs

Wise Owls Nursery School

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Wise Owls Day Nursery

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Wise Owls Clubs

The Club provides Breakfast, After school and Holiday Care for children aged between 3 – 14 years old. Hours 7.30am – 6.15pm We collect, do homework, food, sport and craft activities.

‘The club provides a happy, safe and inclusive environment for the children who attend’ OFSTED

‘I would certainly recommend the Wise Owls Clubs to any working parent’ CLIENT

‘Children show they feel secure as they eagerly greet staff when they arrive and are confident to seek support.’ OFSTED

‘My daughter has been attending since she was 4 and absolutely loves it’ CLIENT

Wise Owls Nursery School

The Nursery School provide care for children aged between 2 – 5 years old. Hours 8am – 6pm term time only. We have a pre school element which operates 08.30am – 3.30pm. we provide activities with educational, craft and sport development areas.

“Children's development is monitored well through effective assessments” OFSTED

“Children progress well in their learning and development, and receive good support from staff” OFSTED

“my child’s vocabulary has improved dramatically within just the first few weeks of term” CLIENT

my daughter is so excited to come to Nursery School she is up and dressed in seconds” CLIENT

Wise Owls Day Nursery

The Day Nursery provides care for children aged 8 weeks – 5 years old. Hours 7.30am – 6pm Monday to Friday all year around.
We provide food, changing, educational, sport and craft activities.

‘Staff have an excellent knowledge of what children know and can do, and support them highly effectively to meet their full potential. Staff promote children's early literacy skills tremendously well’ OFSTED

‘Children enjoy a highly stimulating environment, indoors and outdoors. The excellent organisation of resources encourages children to develop their learning independently as they play. Children are incredibly self-sufficient’ OFSTED

‘This is the most amazing nursery, the staff are wonderful and my children are so very happy’ CLIENT

‘When you walk in the door it is just so friendly, engaging and somewhere you know you can leave your child’ CLIENT