Adverse weather policy

In the event of disruption caused by heavy snow the prime concern of the club must always be the safety of the children, their families and our staff.

As a company we risk assess the safety of all before any decisions are made with Wise Owls operating it’s breakfast, after school and holiday clubs. If heavy snow falls overnight and continues into the following day, parents are asked to observe the following procedures.

If adverse weather is due the breakfast club may open from a later time until we can establish if the school’s we cater for are open. Schools usually update their website and inform parents between 7.30-8.00am, in this case the breakfast club would only open from 8.00am if the schools are open.

Wise Owls will post updates on our social media pages and send an email to all parents to provide information of the situation. In particular, parents will be advised if the schools that Wise Owls run remain open, we will operate a normal timetable if our staff can reach the site safely and we can maintain ratios. If the host school is closed, Wise Owls will not be able to operate at that particular setting.

If the school is open, we will aim to remain open until the end of the usual session (6.15pm) however in the event of extreme weather during the afternoon session it will result in the children needing to be collected early. You will receive a phone call from our staff to advise collecting your child, if you work further away, we kindly ask that you make other arrangements for an emergency contact to collect your child for you.

If in doubt, you may also telephone the office (01628 620013) from 9.00am in the morning, but please check our social media (Facebook and Instagram) and your emails first before phoning.