Welcome to our baby room – where play is serious learning for our little Owlets

In our baby room, we can accommodate nine babies between the age of 8 weeks – 2 years old. We have an excellent staff:child ratio of 1:3 ensuring that your child has the attention they need throughout the day.

Here your baby will be able to take part in activities designed to help his or her development through play, ranging from books, rattles, our baby gym, treasure baskets, pull along toys and interactive wall activities. We take the babies in pushchairs and go for a walk around the nature park on a daily basis.

Sensory Play

Here in Owlets there are a wide range of sensory play opportunities that encourage the development of fine motor skills and support language development. The staff plan a variety of sensory and physical activities, including painting, books, rattles, Duplo, baby gym, and treasure baskets that help in all areas of the children's development and support them to learn and meet their milestones.

Creative Space

The nursery has an art area where children can get creative with arts and crafts and messy play. Our Owlets will enjoy singing, music time and stories to enrich their creativity and communication skills.

Above all, the baby room environment will provide a nurturing, familiar and homely space – a home away from home.


Sleep is fundamental to growth so here in the baby room we have a dedicated sleep room that is monitored at all times, where each child has a cot with their own sheets and blankets to create a familiar and cosy nook for them to rest after a busy morning or afternoon of play.

Meal Times

At meal times we have low chairs, so children are able to sit and enjoy their food with their friends while staff sit with them and support them with feeding. We have highchairs for the younger babies. We provide Aptamil formula milk for babies still requiring a milk feed.

What is Provided?

Included within your daily childcare fee is breakfast, snacks, lunch, tea and nappies. We ask parents to provide a change of clothes, bottles (if required) and comforters.

Getting to know your child

When babies join our Owlets room, we ask parents to provide us with some background information to help us better understand your child’s needs, for example we would like to know about your child’s likes and dislikes, routines that are important to your child and to you, and their comforts. We endeavour to follow every baby’s routine when they start with us.

Child development

Each baby will be assigned a key worker who they can build a strong bond with. Key workers will provide written and verbal feedback daily on their child’s day including meals, sleeps and nappies. We record information about each child’s development in their EYFS file which will be carried with them as they progress from nursery to school, and will lastly be given to you as a lovely keepsake of their early years education.

Thank you for looking after Sophie throughout the year. Thank you for teaching her and helping her to grow, we could not be happier with the nursery.

Thank you so very much for taking such good care of our girls. They love the nursery and absolutely adore you. You have taught them so much and have become role models for them.

Thank you so much for taking such good care of Max and Luke. It feels like the end of an era and we are very sad to say goodbye. Both our boys had a wonderful time, thank you for being so kind, calm and funny. We will miss you.

Thank you for helping me grow and learn. Heartfelt thanks for your patience, kindness and inspiration.

Thank you so much for giving Florence such a lovely experience. Thank you for all the fantastic things you have taught her over such a short period of time. We will miss coming in and seeing your always smiling and kind faces.