Little Owls

Welcome to Little Owls – where play is how we spread our wings and grow

In our toddler room, we can accommodate 12 children between the age of 2 and 3 years old and we have an excellent staff:child ratio of 1:4 ensuring that planned activities are designed to stimulate your child’s imagination and love of learning throughout the day.

Our Little Owls will enjoy many exciting and creative activities with free play sessions, group time, art and craft, sensory play and physical exercise. Staff carefully craft ways to engage and stimulate curiosity and interest to ensure your child develops the necessary social, emotional and physical qualities through their early years.

Our Little Owls have an adventurous and very spacious outdoor play area that they love playing in. We have a very busy time outside in the large garden each day which includes an allotment where the children learn to grow their own healthy food. There is a quiet cosy area with cushions for story time and plenty of creative spaces for children to stretch their imaginations and get messy.

Group time activities help our Little Owls to develop important life skills including patience, cooperation, sharing and communication.

With beautiful woodlands on our doorstep, children also get to explore their natural surroundings on a regular basis.

Learning Through Play

The children in Little Owls have so many wonderful facilities inside and out including a large outdoor play space perfect for curious explorers, dedicated messy play areas, cosy corners and much more.

Meal times

Meal times are a social affair as children sit together to socialise. Children are encouraged to grow their independence at meal times, however staff are always nearby to lend a hand and encourage good manners.

Sleep and rest times

Sleep is fundamental to growth so here in the toddler room we still provide the opportunity for children to either sleep or rest after a stimulating morning. Children are provided with their own mattress, sheets and blankets and if they do not require a sleep they can use this time for quiet activity or a story.

Potty Training

Our Little Owls have access to a bathroom with a selection of potties for those who are toilet training. Our team will work closely with parents to achieve this stage of child development. Lots of encouragement is given with stars and certificates.

Child Development

We work closely with all children to ensure they meet their individual needs by exploring the seven areas of learning, this is supported by the use of age appropriate toys and activities to suit their stage of development and abilities.

Staff will provide verbal feedback to parents at the end of the day and will discuss your child’s progress each day. We foster an open and cooperative relationship with all parents to ensure we can nurture the needs of each and every Little Owl.

What is Provided?

Included within your daily childcare fee is breakfast, snacks, lunch, tea, milk and nappies. We ask parents to provide a change of clothes; bottles and comforters.

Getting to know your child

If a toddler joins our Little Owls room and has not previously been in the Owlets room, we ask the parents to provide us with some background information to help us better understand your child’s needs, for example we would like to know about your child’s likes and dislikes, his/her routines and their comforts. This is obtained on our ‘All About Me’ form.

Wise Owls staff have been great with my two-and-a-half-year-old daughter. Always smiling, always communicating with me. Love the outdoor space for the children. Inside is also a lovely space for the children to play in. Very happy child as a result of all the hard work of staff at Wise Owls.

Very friendly and helpful staff looked after our little boy since his second birthday. Since then, he became very independent and gained lots of new skills. Wise Owls at Foxley Nursery is a highly recommended local nursery. Well done Foxley.

My son has been going to Wise Owls at Foxley Nursery for a year and a half now and I can honestly say that he loves his time there. He runs down the lane every morning and can’t wait to get in the door. He enjoys telling me what they’ve done each day and I love hearing what he’s learnt. He’s due to start school in September 2021, so it’s really reassuring that he is being prepared for that in one way or another, even if he doesn’t realise it. The outdoor space is fantastic and my son particularly loves the forest school element. It’s nice to know that he’s getting outside at some point of the day, come rain or shine. The staff are all so lovely, always very friendly, caring and helpful.

My daughter has thrived since going back in September 2020, she absolutely loves going and gets so excited on the days she goes! Her key workers are incredibly helpful and have been really accommodating when we needed to increase my daughter's hours. My little girl comes home happy and full of beans which is all a mum can ask for when picking up their child.

My son attends the nursery and has been very happy. The manager and the team are really accommodating, and the nursery itself has recently undergone refurbishment making it lovely and clean. With great outdoor facilities. When visiting Wise Owls at Foxley (Shurlock Row) I found it had an amazing outdoor space including a forest school, as well as indoor space. It has recently been renovated with added space for children to play and because of this, I would highly recommend this setting. Furthermore, the staff are very welcoming and are more than happy to help in any way they can, they are truly there to provide the best care for your children. They are up to date with all training (Covid included) and take all measures to ensure your children are safe and healthy. Once again I cannot recommend this setting enough.