Our Services

Wise Owls Childcare offers a range of childcare options for busy parents including Day Nursery, Preschool, Breakfast Clubs, After School Clubs and Holiday Clubs.

Day Nursery

Our day nurseries are designed for children aged 8 weeks – 5 years and are open 51 weeks of the year for full-day and half-day sessions between 7:00am and 6.15pm dependent on location.

Our teams are experienced at settling young children into nursery for the first time. Our aim is that your child returns home at the end of each day having had fun with friends and enjoyed learning about a new topic or exploring a new skill. Our learning environments are warm, comfortable and creative, providing the perfect place for little minds to feel safe to explore and discover something new each day.

Our day nurseries are well equipped and full of adventure, taking children on a wonderful journey of self-discovery as they learn so much about themselves through fun and engaging activities guided by the EYFS and outstanding OFSTED information.


Our preschools are available for children aged 2 – 5 years and are open during term time from 9am – 3pm depending on location.

At this age, children are developing greater independence as they progress into their preschool years. At Wise Owls, our preschool programme offers a more structured pace of purposeful learning, where qualified staff thoughtfully craft activities around learning outcomes so that children are stretched and challenged in a safe, engaging and fun way.

Our team provides exceptional support for children and parents to ensure children make a smooth transition from home to preschool and then on to primary school.

Breakfast, After School and Holiday Clubs

Our clubs aren't just somewhere that kids have to go, they are always action packed and children return time and time again because they have so much fun in a safe, relaxed environment with their friends. We attract students from schools across the local area, which means that children have the opportunity to build lasting friendships with children that they otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance to meet.

Those attending Breakfast Club start the day on a positive note, well-fed and engaged in learning. Children at our After School Clubs go home happy, well-fed and very often with their homework complete, giving them quality time at home with family.

Our Holiday Clubs are action packed with a wide range of activities from craft activities, ten pin bowling, football, day trips to the park, cricket, swimming, farm trips and much more. Children readily return because they have so much fun with their peers at our Holiday Clubs.